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Table of Contents

Chronological Path

Ancient World
- A is for Architecture
- The Athenian Acropolis: The Mean between the Extremes
- Huts and Temples
- The Greek City
- Race, Gender, and the Orders
- The Villas of Pliny
- Etruria and Rome: Bricks and Mortar
- All Roads Lead to Rome
Middle Ages
- Classicism in the Early Christian Era
- “Sailing to Byzantium”
- Roman and Romanesque
- The Pilgrims’ Way to Santiago de Compostela
- Palatial Venice
- In the Footsteps of Saint Louis of France
- Medieval Churches
Early Modern
- Florence the New Athens
- The Book and the Sword
- Palladio
- Renaissance Villas: The View From The Loggia
- Courtyards
- Michelangelo: Architecture As Body Language
- Renaissance North of The Alps
- Domes & Spires: St Peter’s Basilica & St Paul’s Cathedral
- Baroque Space, Movement, and Symbolism
- Ceremonial Staircases
- The Louvre
- Aspiring Steeples
Modern Times
- Gardens of Architectural Delights
- Tripartite Planning
- Rococo and Reaction
- Architects, Books, and Libraries
- George Dance and John Soane in Pursuit of Character
- Architecture, Manufacture, and Metal
- Architects Learn/Architects Teach
- Gothic and Classic
- Romantic Classic Cities: London, Paris, Berlin, St Petersburg and Helsinki
- Education and Architecture
- Nationalism and Architecture
- Nine Architects' Homes
- The Classicism of Le Corbusier, Mies, and Aalto
- Museums
- Nature the Gentlest Mother
- Domestic Classicism 1890 – 1940

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