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I would like to acknowledge timely support from the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts for funding initial research connected with this publication. I also especially thank the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada for financial assistance in the form of two separate grants. Subsequently, I had the privilege of benefiting from seven years as a Queen's Research Chair. Without these marks of welcome encouragement this project would not have been able to progress. The various grants made available funds for equipment, travel, and numerous research assistants at Queen's University, who I would like to single out as follows:

Odilia Bonebakker; Anne Marie Carroll; Franziska Gottwald; Jillian Harrold; Michael Lee; Janina Knight (who worked especially hard on the Glossary); Amanda Morhart; Heather Montague; Ana Pozzi-Harris; Michael Sone; Nicola Spasoff; Jane van Duren.

At an important, formative stage, the Canadian Centre for Architecture in Montreal provided my project with unlimited access to its superb resources. I wish particularly to acknowledge the enthusiasm of the CCA's founding director, Phyllis Lambert, and her Associate Curator Gwendolyn Owens. At the inception of the project I also received excellent advice from Jennifer Trant MA, at the time manager of her own consulting firm, Art Information Management. Passages quoted in the audio version have been spoken by Julia Busser du Prey and were recorded by Dave Smith at Queen's university — I owe them both a great debt of gratitude. In addition Julia accompanied me on almost all my research trips in conjunction with ACT, sustaining me and it throughout by her loving presence, editorial skills, sharp eye and quick wit. Kate Yüksel has provided an elegant graphic design which compliments text and images. All photographs, unless otherwise noted, are by myself or from my collection. Mine were shot exclusively on Kodachrome 25 film using my trusty Voigtländer, Nikkorex, and Nikon cameras, and more recently on my Olympus digital camera. Photographers, too numerous to mention here individually, have supplied me with images and are acknowledged in each relevant caption. I extend them my warmest thanks. But the most important debts of all are to Luc Wauters and to Blair Martin, the software engineer who foresaw the potentialities of this project. Blair unswervingly maintained his belief in it throughout the initial years in which we planned and worked together. Luc succeeded Blair and has carried on his broad and willing shoulders the brunt of putting ACT on line. He also designed many novel features which I believe help to make ACT more informative and easy to use.

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